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I'm making my journal "Friends Only" now because of all the people adding me without even asking or telling me so... I mean, I'm all for meeting new people but, please, at least be a doll and introduce yourself!

So, here it is! Friends Only!! If you wanna be considered or added, please comment here and tell me something about you.

Don't add me without asking because:

A) That's rude, and
B) I'm such a drama queen that I'll ban you!!

Comments are screened - Have a nice day!
THE AVENGERS - Loki life ruiner

First Cobra Starship show in Argentina!!!

This was the first band's show in Buenos Aires. I still can't believe I finally saw Cobra live!! I'm ecstatic!!

They played  at the Hot Festival and they performed 12 songs:

(Photo's credits)

So, anyway, here are my photos and one video from the show. Mind you, my camera isn't the best and it did its best with the poor zoom...

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THE AVENGERS - Loki life ruiner

tweenlight was awesome...

(click for bigger, made by me)

Lisa: You're a vampire. I should be scared, but I'm not.
Edmund: Let us move between the trees the way a bat does: by jumping.
Milhouse: Lisa's fallen for a vampire? That makes me so angry! I feel the change coming!
THE AVENGERS - Loki life ruiner

Please HELP ME finding a program

Could anyone recommend me a free movie screen captures program (I'm on Windows 7)? It would be awesome if the program has automatic movie screen capture and easy to use. No complex functions. The easier to use, the better. But above all, I would like the program to be free or open source. VLC and virtualdub don't work for me.

Thanks in advance!
THE AVENGERS - Loki life ruiner

Favorite Queer as Folk screencap (one per episode) - PICSPAM

These were my choices (minus a few changes) for my "Favorite Queer as Folk screencap (one per episode)" meme at Tumblr.
Not gonna lie, it was really difficult picking just ONE each episode. I mean, picture 1x22, 3x09 or 5x10 (and don't get me started about 5x13!)
I've edited some of the caps (brightness or contrast) BUT I've never played with its colours, so you can say they are kinda un-toched.

Anyway, here's SEASON 01... I hope you guys like it!

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THE AVENGERS - Loki life ruiner

Never Forget

It was around noon in Argentina. I remember I was coming back home from the gym. I started making myself lunch and I turned the TV just to keep me company. The news channel was on and the first thing I see is when the second plane crashed into WTC2. I couldn't believe my eyes. I thought I was just watching some action feature movie. I started crying almost immediately. I've spent all day watching those images again and again and again, thinking about the hatred that attack represented (and sadly still does) and I still can't get a proper answer.

Hate only generates hate. Never forget that. Violence is never the answer. My deepest condolences to the families of those 2,976 men, women, and children who died on 09.11.01
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