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THE AVENGERS - Loki life ruiner

Favorite Queer as Folk screencap (one per episode) - PICSPAM

These were my choices (minus a few changes) for my "Favorite Queer as Folk screencap (one per episode)" meme at Tumblr.
Not gonna lie, it was really difficult picking just ONE each episode. I mean, picture 1x22, 3x09 or 5x10 (and don't get me started about 5x13!)
I've edited some of the caps (brightness or contrast) BUT I've never played with its colours, so you can say they are kinda un-toched.

Anyway, here's SEASON 01... I hope you guys like it!

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THE AVENGERS - Loki life ruiner

An all seasons QUEER AS FOLK picspam

Hi... this is my first attempt for a picspam from a TV show. The subject? QUEER AS FOLK. I'd like to warn you first: I have NO SKILLS WHATSOEVER USING PHOTOSHOP, so there's no extra colouring on the photos. So, this will be just the screencaps and some dialogues. Sorry.

I wanted to choose two episodes (and/or scenes) from each season but, let's face it, if you've watched the show, you know that's impossible... BUT I don't want a livejournal fail, so I'm not gonna post all my choices... Maybe I'll do an encore later (assuming you all liked what I've done here) There's no particular order in my choices, just chronological (meaning, from S01 to S05) So, here it is, my FIRST QUEER AS FOLK PICSPAM. I hope you like it and enjoy!


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